The Chiltern Vale TimeBank

The Chiltern Vale TimeBank

The Chiltern Vale Timebank is up and running in Dunstable, Houghton Regis and surrounding areas. Timebank members share skills and activities to benefit themselves and their communities.


So how does it work? For each hour you give through a timebank you receive one ‘time credit’, which you can then redeem for an hour to benefit yourself.  Any reasonable skill can be exchanged and everyone’s hour is worth the same, regardless of the activity offered.


Examples of skills that have been shared recently include:  gardening, dog walking, bike maintenance, IT support, sewing, shopping and baking. The more members a Timebank has the greater the range of skills that the community can benefit from.


Timebanking is a positive way to build and strengthen the community. Sharing resources is empowering; it supports the needs of local residents, whilst also creating a network of friendships.


For further information and to join your local Timebank contact Bex at Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity on 07392 722296.





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Houghton Hall Park , Park Rd N
Houghton Regis, Dunstable

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